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Rising Force - Paradox (4 watt EL84), Dwarf and PassAmp (7 watt, EL84's)

Covered in 98/99 Guitar Player buyer's guide.

Rising Force - The Paradox. 4-watt head. 1 ECC83. 1 EL84. $133. Single-ended. 2 in's. Loudness control. Tone controls. Power Mute circuit. Attitude Selector. Standby. Ground-lift switch. Tone-shaped multipurpose outlet. Option: reverb. Handmade in Bulgaria. 1-channel, low-tech. Direct pricing does not include shipping. Various combo setups available, between $194 and $279 total.
Rising Force Co.
Box 40
1680 Sofia, Bulgaria
359-2-592948 phone.
risingf at mail.techno-link.com

Rising Force - The Dwarf. 7 watt head. $133. Push/pull Class A. 2 ECC83. 2 EL84. 4 in's. Sensitivity and loudness ctrls. Headroom control. Exclusive Attitude Selector Switch. Power Mute circuitry. 2 spk out's. 2 aux outs. Ground-lift switch. Option: reverb. See notes for 4 watt Rising Force amp above.

Rising Force - The PassAmp. 7 watt push-pull head. $139. 2 ecc83. 2 el34 [typo? el84?]. 4 in's, loudness, sensiitivity, frequency, balance ctrls. Parallel fx loop. Multipurpose Power Attenuated Aux Speaker Out. 1-position rotary attitude selector. Headroom ctrl. Power Mute output. Tone-shaped/level-adjustable multiipurpose output, ground-lift sw. Option reverb. See notes for 4-watt Rising Force amp above.

These products will be available around May 1999.

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