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Rivera Super Sink. Power attenuator. $125 used.

User comments at Harmony Central - excerpts:

$125 used. Works well to attenutate power. Has 6 attenuation levels, line level and output, and headphone output, as well as speaker out, and amp input, bypass switch, footswitch. Sounds great. Very heavy metal design with heat sinks, no fan. I am not sure if this device is related to Rivera amps. Has "PMP" Professional Music Products Logo, as well as "R" Logo and Rivera Research and Development logo in addition to "SUPER SINK" lettering. I haven't yet tested what the footswitch does, but presume either bypass, or switches speaker off. I am wondering if load is "inductive" like the Marshall Power Brake, or resistive like the Sholz Power Soak. Ted Matsumura.

Super Sink reviews at Harmony Central

Ted Matsumura wrote: "I like the Rivera Super Sink when seriously needing to quiet a tweed deluxe. However, it does take some brightness away, but not as much as the Power Soak. I haven't used a Power Brake."

1998/04/04. alt.guitar.amps.
Sisco wrote:

"I recently acquired a Super Sink power attenuator made by Rivera. It has the basic features as a THD Hot Plate. Do they differ in circuitry? Any info would help. I've been experimenting with getting a good line-level Out signal from my old amp. Which is the best way to get a line level signal from an amp? Preferably with tone shaping. Is there a unit enabling me to tap the line level from the output transformer? I've seen a Rivera Super Sink with a Line Out jack. Are there any others? That might have EQ or a tube?"

Paul Rivera article - mentions they made super sink 78-81. was also called "Hot-Sink" or "Hot Sink".

Another copy, at Mulhern.com - "From 1978 through 1981 we also made PMP buffers and Super Sink power attenuators. In our tiny garage, we built over 10,000 of those buffers, and we were very proud of their design and function. During the period of 1981 to '84, I was at Fender, where I designed (among other things) the Sidekick, Super Champ, and some Twins." -- Paul Rivera.

Digitech 2112 review at H-C - "The DigiTech 2112 can sound like my Marshall JTM-100 cranked into a Rivera Engineering Super Sink."

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   3. 98/02/26 032 Re: Hot Plate-PowerBrake-Pow alt.guitar.amps       Ted Matsumura  

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