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Rocktron - GAP1

Different from the early 90s typical multifx units. Strives for controlling or accounting for various specific parameters of amp emulation (power tube, output transformer, guitar speaker, cabinet, and mic), not just speaker simulation. Doesn't go into the level of amp-emulation detail of the ADA Ampulator, but is miles ahead of more typical preamp/multifx processors such as the DigiTech 2120 with "programmable speaker simulator" which has little more than two settings: on or off.

Strives for total tube-amp emulation, not just "speaker simulation", breaks out of the mere, so-called "preamp" league -- which says "pre" "amp", which means *not* amp-like.

Might have a badly needed feature, pre-distortion eq.

Rocktron Product Reviews

Rocktron Product Manuals - Chameleon, VooDu Valve, and Piranha are available in HTML.

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>The Tom Scholtz Rockman also does a lot of eq tricks.

What sort? This intelligent design seems to have been carried over into all of the Rocktron products.

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User comments about Rocktron products - including Chameleon, Gainiac, Multivalve, Piranha, VooDu Valve. No Prophecy reviews yet, as of 11/98.

http://www.rocktron.com/grt/austin.html - Brush the dust off your boots and get ready to plug into one awesome Overdrive pedal as the Austin Gold joins Rocktron's pedal family. A superb blend of light overdrive that enhances, without changing, the sound of your favorite amp. Unique to the Austin Gold is its "Pre-Bass" control... eliminates problems with too much "fuzzy" bass, or the opposite problem of being a weak and thin sounding overdrive. With the Pre-Bass control, many overdrive textures can be exploited. It's almost like having an entire arsenal of various overdrive pedals in one, by simply adjusting one control! With its simple control layout of "Drive", "Pre-Bass" and "Level", the Austin Gold is very simple to use. By adding a maximum of 30dB of gain, it will not overprocess, but instead will add an entirely new dimension to your amp setup! Review.


Guitar Player May 1994, page 90. Rocktron Progap Ultra ($299) and Sidewinder ($399). Ultra is MIDI preamp. Variac and Rectifier parameters. [investigate - spk cab sim, real-world amp emu params?]

Spotted at http://www.8thstreet.com/specials.html - Rocktron Pro-GAP. $100 used.

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>Rocktron of Rochester Hills, MI used to make the GAP1 preamp, which has eq controls before the distortion stage, as well as the usual eq controls after the distortion stage.

Roland 1996 News - "Also profiled in the September Sound Check is Stevie Salas. Stevie has played with some of the most famous musicians out there, as well as releasing plenty of solo efforts. Stevie still uses the vintage Rocktron GAP1 preamp which was manufactured in the eighties! He swears by the tone!"

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