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Rocktron PC Preamp - PC interface and guitar preamp with speaker simulator

See also Line 6 Amp Farm software.

PC Preamp review

Official PC Preamp product page - excerpts:

Guitar preamp for practice or direct recording on your computer. In the PC age, musicians are looking for simple answers. How do I turn my PC into my personal studio? What's a simple way to plug my guitar into the computer? How can I use my PC as a practice device? Now Rocktron answers the questions with the WORLDS FIRST PC PREAMP. Easy to use, the PC Preamp is the first direct interface for guitar, bass or even vocals. Simply plug into your sound card with the supplied 1/8" to 1/8" stereo cable and you're ready to play. The PC Preamp is designed to be a permanent fixture of your computer system and fits conveniently under your monitor. It's conservative look makes it look as if it's an original piece in your system. The PC Preamp features 1/4" and XLR inputs, Clean and Distortion modes and an EQ shape feature. The Clean mode features a pristine clean tone with just enough compression to add punch and clarity without sounding over-squashed. The Distortion channel features over 70dB of screaming gain and sustain with a gain control to tame it down. The Distortion channel also features HUSH noise reduction with a variable threshold control to eliminate unwanted noise from noisy pickups and built-in speaker simulator circuitry. The vintage style spring reverb and built-in speaker simulation helps give that REAL amp feel through any set of PC speakers. The stereo RCA AUX inputs and level control offer the ability to plug in other external devices such as drum machines, keyboards, external mixers, etc. The PC Preamp also includes a stereo effect loop for adding additional outboard effects. Turn your PC into a music machine with the POWER TRACKS PRO AUDIO 4.0 software that comes with every PC Preamp and G. I. S. (see below) system... POWERTRACKS PRO AUDIO 4.0 is a professional, fully featured digital audio MIDI workstation, packed with features for musicians, students & songwriters. With seamlessly integrated digital audio/MIDI recording, & built-in music notation, PowerTracks turns a typical soundcard equipped W indows PC into a music production powerhouse!!! Click here to learn more about Power Tracks Pro Audio. The PC Preamp G. I. S. (Guitar Interface System) is a stripped-down, lower cost version of the PC Preamp which offers a single 1/4" input, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, HUSH and Ouput Level controls, Clean channel with compression, Distortion channel with speaker simulation, 1/4" and 1/8" stereo outputs and stereo RCA AUX inputs. Both The PC Preamp and the G. I. S. come packaged with the Power Tracks Pro Audio software and an 1/8" to 1/8" stereo cable to connect to your PC sound card's MIC or LINE input.

RealAudio Demo's of the PC Preamp. All instruments and vocals were performed through the PC Preamp and recorded direct to the hard drive, then mixed with the Power Tracks Pro Audio 4.0 software.

The Rocktron site has other interesting gear too, with links from the above page.

user comments at Harmony Central - none.

DejaNews query: "pc preamp" - includes some complaints about the software part of the system.

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