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Different from the early 90s typical multifx units. Strives for controlling or accounting for various specific parameters of amp emulation (power tube, output transformer, guitar speaker, cabinet, and mic), not just speaker simulation. Doesn't go into the level of amp-emulation detail of the ADA Ampulator, but is miles ahead of more typical preamp/multifx processors such as the DigiTech 2120 with "programmable speaker simulator" which has little more than two settings: on or off.

Strives for total tube-amp emulation, not just "speaker simulation", breaks out of the mere, so-called "preamp" league -- which says "pre" "amp", which means *not* amp-like.

Might have a badly needed feature, pre-distortion eq.

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Rocktron Product Manuals - Chameleon, VooDu Valve, and Piranha are available in HTML.

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>The Tom Scholtz Rockman also does a lot of eq tricks.

What sort? This intelligent design seems to have been carried over into all of the Rocktron products.

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User comments about Rocktron products - including Chameleon, Gainiac, Multivalve, Piranha, VooDu Valve. No Prophecy reviews yet, as of 11/98.

http://www.rocktron.com/grt/austin.html - Brush the dust off your boots and get ready to plug into one awesome Overdrive pedal as the Austin Gold joins Rocktron's pedal family. A superb blend of light overdrive that enhances, without changing, the sound of your favorite amp. Unique to the Austin Gold is its "Pre-Bass" control... eliminates problems with too much "fuzzy" bass, or the opposite problem of being a weak and thin sounding overdrive. With the Pre-Bass control, many overdrive textures can be exploited. It's almost like having an entire arsenal of various overdrive pedals in one, by simply adjusting one control! With its simple control layout of "Drive", "Pre-Bass" and "Level", the Austin Gold is very simple to use. By adding a maximum of 30dB of gain, it will not overprocess, but instead will add an entirely new dimension to your amp setup! Review.

VooDu Valve

VooDu Valve manual, no frames

Pre-EQ documentation

Pre-distortion parametric EQ parameters

FUNCTION       PARAMETER LIST                              RANGE

PRE EQ         LF LEVEL (Pre Low Frequency Level)          -15dB to +6dB
(EXPERT)       LF FRBQ (Pre Low Frequency Select)          63Hz to 500Hz
               MID LEVEL (Pre Midband Level)               -15dB to +12dB
               MID FREQ (Pre Mid Frequency Select)         500Hz to 4kHz
               MID BW (Pre Mid Bandwidth)                  0.2 to 2.0 octaves

Post-distortion parametric EQ parameters

FUNCTION       PARAMETER LIST                              RANGE

POST EQ        BASS LVL (Post Bass Level)                  -15dB to +15dB
(EXPERT)       BASS FREQ (Post Bass Frequency Select)      63Hz to 500Hz
               BASS BW (Post Bass Bandwidth)               0.2 to 2.0 octaves
               MID LVL (Post Midband Level)                - 15dB to + 15dB
               MID FREQ (Post Mid Frequency Select)        250Hz to 2kHz
               MID BW (Post Mid Bandwidth)                 0.2 to 2.0 octaves
               TREBLE LVL (Post Treble Level)              -15dB to +15dB
               TREBLE FRQ (Post Treble Frequency Select)   1kHz to 8kHz
               TREBLE BW (Post Treble Bandwidth)           0.2 to 2.0 octaves
               PRESENCE LVL (Post Presence Level)          -15dB to +15dB
               PRES FREQ (Post Presence Frequency Select)  2kHz to 8kHz
               PRES BW (Post Presence Bandwidth)           0.2 to 2.0 octaves

Speaker Simulator function. http://www.rocktron.com/manuals/voodu/manvoodu.html#speaksim_func

The Speaker Simulator function is included in all presets and provides a realistic approximation of a miked speaker cabinet for applications involving connecting the Voodu Valveļæ½ directly to a mixing board, recording system or other full range system.

When a preset is recalled which has the Speaker Simulator on for either the left channel or both channels, the front panel SPKR SIM LED will light.

Note: The parameters provided in this function are operational only when the SPKR SIM parameter under the GLOBAL FUNCTION is stored UNLOCK, LOCK L or LOCK B.

The PARAMETER SELECT control will allow you to access these SPEAKER SIMULATOR parameters:

SPKR SIM I/O - The SPEAKER SIMULATOR parameter allows you to select whether the Speaker Simulator is on for BOTH outputs, on for only the LEFT output or OFF.

The SPEAKER TYPE parameter determines the type of speaker to be simulated. 15",12",10", 8" and full range speakers are available.

The MIC PLACEMENT parameter simulates a microphone placed anywhere from the center of the speaker cone out to the edge of the cone. Positive parameter values simulate moving the microphone toward the center of the speaker, while negative values move it to the edge.

The REACTANCE parameter simulates the characteristics of the the interaction between a tube amplifier and a guitar speaker cabinet. The higher the parameter value selected, the more these characteristics will be apparent. Negative values of reactance can be used to simulate an open-back cabinet.


SPEAKER SIM SPKR SIM (Speaker Simulator Status) Off, Left, Both
SPKR TYPE (Speaker Type) 15, 12, 10, 8, Full
MIC POSITION (Microphone Position) -15dB to +15dB
REACTANCE (Reactance Level) -15dB to +15dB

official product page for Rocktron VooDu Valve - "VooDu Valve has: Variac, Triode, Pentode and Solid State voicings. With a four band full parametric post EQ section and comprehensive pre EQ section, you will never run into a dead-end when EQing your presets (as you will with bargain preamps). Speaker simulation is taken to an art form on this preamp since it provides parameters for techniques commonly used by sound engineers, including mic placement, speaker size selection and our patented Reactance parameter."

Rocktron - Voodoo Valve. Tube preamp with speaker cabinet simulation. MIDI. 4-band para eq, wah. $999

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DejaNews query: rocktron and voodoo

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