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Roland COSM (VG-8, GP-100, VS-880, BOSS GT-5)

Boss GT-5 Guitar Effects Processor/Preamp. $995. Multifx floor unit. Preamp, 28 fx, COSM amp modelling, expression pedal. Guitar Player Jan 1998.

Roland GP-100 guitar preamp/processor. $995. COSM amp emulation. Foot controller $445.

VG-8 Guitar system. $2495. COSM amp emul technology. emulates guitars, pickups, amps, speakers, and mics. No triggering or tracking involved; uses guitar string as the sound source. Expression pedal $90.

Article: Roland gear and Amp Tone - title: Getting Great Guitar Tone, by Peter Swiadon

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Roland COSM amp modelling technology - excerpts:

The GP-100 uses Roland's new proprietary Composite Object Sound Modeling (COSM) technology to offer unprecedented versatility including amplifier modeling, speaker configuration, mic modeling and more. Fantastic effects like intelligent pitch shifting and ring modulation are available with the built-in multi-effects processor. COSM technology provides for outstanding "vintage" tube amplifier emulation, speaker configuration and mic placement. Onboard digital effects.

The Roland VG-8 is a breakthrough guitar processor that uses advanced modeling technology to emulate the most popular guitars and amplifiers in music history, as well as produce some unique new sounds of its own. Self-contained guitar processing/modeling system which recreates a wide variety of guitar, amp, speaker cabinet and microphone sounds using a standard electric guitar equipped with a GK-2A or compatible pickup. Using Roland's COSM technology, the VG-8 combines multiple "sound objects," like a Les Paul guitar body, a double-coil pickup and a vintage tweed amplifier to create a perfect reproduction of these components that can be played from any steel-stringed guitar with a Roland GK-2A pickup. The VG-8 also has a built-in polyphonic pitch shifter for creating 12-string guitars and open tunings as well as a complete digital effects processor and parametric EQ. VGM (Variable Guitar Modeling) provides multiple sound object models including guitars, pickups, amps, cabinets, microphones and even mic placement. No tracking delay through the GK-2A pickup, the VG-8 converts the actual waveform produced by each string into a totally new sound in realtime. High speed digital effects. Includes acoustic and hollow-body models, pickup variations, amp variations, and more.

GP-100 picture:

COSM review in the VS880 FAQ:


"BTW, am I the only one who thinks the COSM guitar distortion is a stinker? My SE-70 kicks it in the rump!" [Erica Cassetti - Jan '97]

"I'd fiddle with it some more. "Good" fx are a matter of taste, but I've used the COSM simulators to great effect (no pun intended)." [Doug - Jan '97]

"I think it's great. I haven't been able to get a Hetfieldish sound out of it yet, but I can get some pretty warm tube sounds. Here's a magic trick I use. Run COSM patch of choice with the "speaker" setting set to OFF, run it out of the AUX to a real tube amp set loud and clean, mike the amp and bring it back into the VS. Wakes the neighbors, but it is DAMN flexible. (I insert into the effects loop for Z-matching) One reason I love the VS8F1 guitar sims is that I can just set it to any old patch and jam, recording down the dry signal. Later, I can go and tweak the patch to just what the mix needs, (including using the above magic trick). Get it right, bounce it down, track move the bounce to a virtual track of the original dry recording... turn off the patch. This gets me lots of mix down power, and I don't have to waste time fiddling with my tone at record time." [Brian Badger - Jan '97]

"Am I the only one who thinks that the COSM amp simulation on the internal effects card is so good it makes me want to shout for joy?" [Paul Shields - Jan '97]

"I agree, the COSM amp simulation is so DARN GOOD...... Heres how I use it, Guitar, ART tube pre, ART levelar, stock patch 57 matchlead. I have had GREAT results tracking hard left&right using a splitter going to two different COSM patches BIG sound." [Gary Shaw - Jan '97]

"As for the amp sims, they sound OK, but not nearly as good as a miked tube amp. Close, but no cigar. I've been playing for over fourteen years and the amp sims in the VS can kill my inspiration. I use Marshalls and play through a 50 Watt master volume, preamp / master on 8 or 10, and no amp sim in the world, including the VS, can come even remotely close to sounding as good. The only amp sim worth having, I think, is the Sans Amp. It's the best I've heard." [George Carden - Feb '97]

"Just to be the "devil's advocate".... I have been playing for 35 years on the guitar, and, the COSM amps in the VS make me sound the best I have ever sounded. I have had Boogies, Soldanos, old this, tube that.....etc. The VS makes me feel like I own a lot of very cool sounding amps! Strictly my own opinion, of course.... " [R. Francis - Feb '97]

David Coffin wrote:

>I own the Ampulator and VG-8 and am another specialist in quiet cranked-tube-amp devices.

>I've also got, and love, a Roland VG-8, which is the most astounding guitar toy of the decade, by far, IMHO...but it can't quite do the Mesa thing. Touch sensitive, to be sure, but the sense of headroom just isn't there. Almost everything else I've ever dreamed of is, tho: an infinite variety of juicy and mind-boggling NEW guitar sounds, every bit as interesting as the tube thing (assuming that's already ALMOST in the bag!)

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