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Roland: VGA-7 V-Guitar

NAMM article from H-C - excerpts - "July 28, 2000 - $1,695 - emulates 12-string, nylon string, or Les Paul. Amp and cabinet modeling. COSM technology. Stereo effects. Stereo power amp, 65 watts per side. Two 12" speakers. Inputs for conventional pickups and Roland's GK-2A divided pickup, which lets you access the VGA-7's deeper modeling features and synthesis. Jazz sounds, amplified-sounding flat top tones, overdrive. 80 factory presets, 80 user slots. 4 independent effects processors with Roland and Boss algorithms, controlled via optional footswitch. Input for mixing an external device, such as an outboard guitar synthesizer."

NAMM article 2 at Harmony Central - excerpts - "Simulates amplifiers, Guitars, Effects and Tunings. Sophisticated yet easy-to-use. COSM Guitar Amp and Speaker Cabinet Modeling. Digital effects. Modeling of electric, acoustic, and hollow-bodied guitars; pickups with pickup placement; open, Nashville and user-defined tunings; polyphonic pitch effects including Digital Capo. 13-pin GK-ready Divided Pickup input for optional GK-2A Divided Pickup. 12" custom speakers and 2 high-frequency horn drivers for true full-range sound. Modern and vintage amp tones. 20 amp models. Gain, Volume, 3-band EQ, and Presence respond like the controls of the modeled amp. Modeling of electric, hollow-body, and miked and unmiked acoustics; pickups and pickup placements. Guitar synth sounds can be played from any electric or steel-string acoustic guitar equipped with the optional 13-pin GK-2A Divided Pickup. 15 of the most popular Roland/BOSS effects algorithms (reverb, chorus, delay, wah, flanger, Slow Gear. Tap tempo. Audio Mix input for connecting external devices like GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer. Foot controller input, foot pedal and expression pedal inputs, stereo line outs."

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