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GuitarFX: Virtual guitar effects processor. Turns a Personal Computer under Windows 95/98 with sound card into a guitar effects processor. Applies audio effects reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, distortion, filters to electic guitar signals. A guitar must be plugged into a microphone or line input of the sound card. Enables playing rock guitar without spending lots of money on gear such as stompboxes, effects processors, and reverb.

Requirements: SBLive!, AWE32, AWE64, SB-16, Yamaha OPL3 SAx, or ESS1868 (ISA) and sound cards with DirectSound drivers.


Dmitry Simanenkov, digital_sound at bigfoot.com

main product page at GuitarFXsoftware.com

main product page at Guitar-fx.org - These web pages are hard to read and navigate, but the articles are good.

Download v2.18 - Jan 10, 2001

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Soon the latency with SBLive will decrease from 70 to 20 mS.

Download for free from:

download ------ Guitar Effects Software for PC

(for practice, live concert or direct recording on your personal computer)

Turns a PC-notebook into multi effects unit producing guitar tones.

Guitar Effects Software GuitarFX v2.08. Easy to use, the PC Guitar Effects Software is the first direct interface for guitar, bass or even vocals. Simply plug into your sound card guitar cable and you're ready to play. The Guitar Effects Software is designed to be a permanent fixture of your computer system and fits conveniently under your monitor. It's conservative look makes it look as if it's an original piece in your Windows 95/98 system. The Guitar Effects Software produce clean and distortion modes, reverb, chorus, flanger, delay and an EQ features. The clean mode features a pristine clean tone with just enough compression to add punch and clarity without sounding over-squashed. The distortion features over 45dB of screaming gain and sustain with a gain control to tame it down. The distortion also features noise reduction with a variable threshold control to eliminate unwanted noise from noisy pickups and built-in speaker simulator software. The reverb software and built-in software speaker simulation helps give that REAL amp feel through any set of PC speakers. The AUX inputs of a sound card and software level control offer the ability to plug in other external software plug-ins effects and drum machines, keyboards, external mixers, etc. Click Here to hear the sounds from Guitar Effects Software.

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