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[Cakewalk FX2 software package includes AmpSim software app]

FX2 combines tape compression with amp simulation.

[quadrafuzz software plug-in]

Quadrafuzz is a VST plugin.

[n-track studio - I bought]

n-track studio 2.x is an excellent truly easy to use hard-disk recorder, inexpensive. POD comes with CD-ROM to tweak it.

[ax212 software, called ______. 1st was unofficial software from a user, then Line6 offers lately their own - derived from user's?]

AX212 software is available.


Simanenkov D.S. - Creating Professional Guitar Sound on PC

[recording techniques at G-Force user site]

xxx - If you use other digital equipment, for example digital recorders, you may want to use the digital In/Out jacks on the G-Force to connect these to each other. That way the signal doesn�t have to be converted into analog at the G-Force output and then back into digital in the other unit(s) again, with some slight sound deterioration. If your other equipment uses other digital standards than the G-Force�s S/PDIF with RCA connectors, like S/PDIF with Optical connectors or AES/EBU, there are adapters commercially available.

The G-Force uses 44.1 kHz sample rate and 24 bit resolution (for comparison, a CD record uses 44.1 kHz, 16 bit resolution). The sample rate determine how high frequencies the A/D converters can handle, and should not be directly mixed with other sample rate values, like 48 kHz or 96 kHz. The bit resolution determines how subtle dynamics that can be reproduced by the unit. When connecting units with different bit resolutions, slight "truncation" distortion can occur. This can be masked with a process called "dithering", which is featured in some processors.

Again, there are adapters available, although in these cases it might be cheaper, easier and just as good sounding to go through the analog outputs.


Play Pro instructional system has fx and amps.


audio software downloads including GuitarFX


download audio composer software


download audio editor software

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super fx processing software

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guitar fx software

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