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1x12, 60W combo amp.

Re: amp modeling
George Van Wagner


>You shouldn't think of the Tech 21 stuff as doing "amp modeling".
Modeling is a specific process and is done in software and DSP, which is
most definitely NOT what Tech 21 does. Modeling has become a new buzz
word and many manufacturers that are not doing any actual physical
modeling are touting their 'modeling' amps.

dunlop 212 wrote:

> I thought the NG regulars might find this interesting:

> >> I am the owner of a trademark 60 amp. One of the selling points of this
> >> amp is that it is capable of a "saturated tweed sound." I have been
> >> trying to test this theory, since I own a narrow panel tweed deluxe. I
> >> place the two amps side to side, dime the deluxe (the classic deluxe
> >> setting of instrument and tone up full, and mike knob at zero; under
> >> your system of classifying settings, it would be called "Communication
> >> Breakdown"), and get a sound that turns my knees to jello. I have tried
> >> every knob turn I can think of in an attempt to get approximately the
> >> same sound out of the trademark 60, and have not yet come close.
> >>
> >> At least theoretically, the trademark 60 should be able to be close
> >> enough to fool a casual listener, with perhaps a bit more headroom,
> >> right? So, what are the settings?
> >Dear ehagen,
> >Thanks for your message. I can't really offer any suggestions regarding
> >the Trademark 60... your old Fender has so many variables: the age of
> >the tubes affecting the "sag, the speakers, etc. We prefer to look at
> >the Trademark for what it is, not try to make it something it's not.
> >I would imagine your old Fender will kick its butt on the saturation
> >meter. But can your amp give you the clean Deluxe Reverb, and the
> >Marshall, and Boogie, and Vox? Certainly, if you have (or can find)
> >cool old vintage amps, nothing modern is going to match up exactly.
> >But if you want versatility, and low maintenance, and don't want to
> >spend an arm and a leg, I think the Trademark does an admirable job.
> >Regards,
> >Lloyd Schwartz, Product Manager
> So much for "saturated tweed" ;-)

Official product page - excerpts:

From vintage to modern, Tech 21's Trademark 60 offers the industry's most desirable tube amp sounds, and provides the flexibility to create your own signature sounds as well. This 60-watt combo guitar amplifier has 2 channels. The Boost function expands the capability of the two channels by increasing each of their output levels up to 9dB, providing 4 footstwitchable sound options. Built into the Trademark 60, is Tech 21's highly-acclaimed SansAmpTM Tube Amplifier Emulation circuitry, which encompasses all aspects of multiply-miked tube amp rigs. By incorporating this proprietary technology with our special design 12" speaker, the Trademark 60 sounds as big and smooth as a vintage 4x12 cabinet. For studio and live applications, the SansAmp circuitry also enables the Trademark 60 to be run direct to the mixer of a recorder or PA system. Channel 1 offers a range of Fender-styles, from sparkling clean, to semi-dirty to saturated Tweed-style. It has its own Drive, Punch and Level controls. Punch sets the amount of midrange break-up and overdrive. There's also a BiteTM button which tightens the low end and add brightness. Channel 2 delivers amp sounds ranging from traditional Marshall-style, to Mesa/Boogie Rectifier-style, to Vox AC30-style. It has its own Drive, GrowlTM and Level controls. Growl is a powerful and sophisticated midrange control. It can give you that scooped-out, heavy sound without making your guitar sound thin, and without any loss of volume. There's a WeepTM button, which increases the amount of even harmonics and thickens the sound. It provides a "singing" quality like that of a Class A tube amp. The Master Section includes Low and High EQ controls. The Boost and Reverb functions can be accessed via the footswitch --either individually or in tandem by utilizing the Link button. For solos, in particular, this unique feature gives you the ability of increasing the size of your sound, as well as the volume. Included with the Trademark 60, is a triple-function footswitch to alternate between channels, engage the Effect Loop, and activate the Boost and Reverb functions. Tech 21's footswitch is engineered to utilize any standard 1/4" instrument or speaker cable vs. the usual problematic custom mulit-pin connector. Other features include a full-length, top-of-the-line Accutronics 3-spring reverb; an XLR Direct Output; a Headphone Output that doubles as a 1/4" direct out should an XLR input not be available on your recorder; and a courtesy power outlet so you can neatly secure your effects in the back of the amp. The exceptionally versatile Trademark 60 gives you a truckload of big amp sounds in an affordable, cost-effective, 36 lb. combo. Above all, the Trademark 60 delivers consistent, professional quality sound at home, in the garage, on stage, and in the studio. Sample settings include Clean Fender and Dirty Marshall, 4x12Clean and Van Valen I, Hendrix-LittleWing and Purple Haze, Stevie Ray and Metallica/Mesa Boogie, Santana Clean Rhythm and Lead, B.B. King Blues and Clapton/Bluesbreaker, George Benson and Larry Carlton Jazz, Funk and Funk Lead, Vox AC30-Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Bohemian Rhapsody. SPECIFICATIONS Sample Settings from the Owners Manual. Actual size: 20"w x 17"h x 11"d / Weight: 36 lbs. Optional accessories: TukiTM Cover, Calzone Flight Case - Please contact Tech 21 for ordering information. Tech 21, Inc. - Authorized Dealers (US & Canada) All other Countries - Authorized Distributors For further information or technical assistance please call Tech 21 directly, between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST. Manufactured in the U.S.A by Tech 21, Inc. Tech 21, Inc. 333 West 52nd Street New York, NY 10019. Tel: 212-315-1116 Fax: 212-315-0825 Tech 21 home page. Tech21 email: info at tech21nyc.com

$510 street price. $400 used.

User comments at Harmony Central - excerpts:

With all my guitars the amp sounds great. I am surprised. I have been a tube snob for years but this amp is strong medicine. Very crisp and snappy. I agree that the reverb is noisy and the bright switch adds noise. This amp has an incredible range of tones. I have compared it to the other digital amps out there..(Line 6, Yamaha, Art)to me the Tech 21 sounds and feels more natural. The Trademark 60 doesn't pigeon hole the sounds. I mean if I dial in a Marshal sound I don't have to play Metalica to have it sound convincing. I find that the other digital amps aren't as forgiving. The Trademark 60 has got me thinking about selling some of my boutique amps because I can't see that I'll be using them much in the future. I find that a sad notion but the technology is amazing these days. It's not a 4X12 but on tap it sounds like it. I own a Mesa Blue Angel ( sounds a bit deeper and better at the darker tones), McIntyre Bluesmaker stereo 3 watt (more sparkle). Over all the Trademark 60 is a great combo. If it were stolen I'd replace it. I don't hate anything about it. I could wish for more channel switching, independent bass and treble, more power( only for the dark clean stuff)but all this would increase the price of the amp and take away all the charm. This amp is greatly functional and fun to play and in the real world more than adequate. If you need zillions of sound at the touch of you foot this won't do it unless you run a multi effects unit in front of it. The headphone jack hisses and if you run it into a mixer the hiss gets in the way. On the other hand the XLR sansamp out is great. Quiet and bigger sounding than the single 12in speaker. For recording this things is incredible. I spent the weekend recording at a friends studio and used this amp exclusively. After running down everything from Beatles to Hendrix, Metalica to Nirvana, Jazz to country, my friend said he's going to order one on Monday. I don't know many guitar players that pack around a 4X12 stack or have a need to create inten se volume. I'm speaking about giging musicains. In my case I need a couple of great sounds per gig (clean and overdrive), those two sounds vary from gig to gig, I don't have to unlock my fingers after carring this amp , it's loud enough for monitoring on stage and the XLR output is perfect for a direct input to the mains. No mics to setup and knock over. The footswitch is small but my size 11's don't have any trouble, I may run a chorus and delay through the effects loop. It's a clean setup and always sounds good in the mix. I am a tone guru and love the sublties of sound..but sometimes I find myself spending more time on tweaking the gear than playing. This amp lets me play and since I've bought it my playing has improved. Because of its light weight I find myself taking it and my guitar to alot more jams. Try it out...good luck. This amp has enough features for what I need, 60 watts, 12" speaker, two channels, Accutronics reverb, a boost function, voiced headphone & direct outs, parallel effects loop, included footswitch (for channels, boost, and reverb), and enough knobs & buttons to sound like just about anything. I play a Jackson Dinky reverse and a generic Strat. I play mostly Metallica, old rock, (Boston, Pink Floyd, & Ted Nugent), and lots of Stevie Ray Vaughan (it can nail the "Pride & Joy" tone). It gets a great metal sound but not quite loud enogh, everything else can get pretty damn loud. If you mess around with it enough, you can get just about any sound you want. A tube-head who didn't know what it was, would be looking in the back for tubes. (YES!,it really is that good.) I bought mine as a demo, just the amp & footswitch. I called Tech-21, and they sent me a manual and warranty card free of charge. I've never needed repairs, but if I ever do, I'm sure it won't be a problem. I'm not sure how long the warranty is, but I think it's at least 3 years. I've been playing for about 4 years, I have a zoom 1010, and a crybaby wah. If it were stolen, I wouldn't sleep until seeked revenge on the bastard that took it. I love the fact that I can get virtually any tone I want out of one amp. My only complaints are that the reverb gets a little noisy when you turn the knob past half way, it gets loud feedback fairly easily even at lower volumes, but that might just be the effects I'm using or the room I'm in. I wouldn't have spent this much money for a golden hooker, but for this amp, it is definitely worth the money.I strongly suggest you go check one out. 2 ch. 60 watt 1-12" combo, 36 lbs!!!, using Sansamp analog miked tube amp simulation circuitry. Independent drive, midrange, output for each channel, midranges are cut/boost; master treb & bass (cut/boost), full tank accutronics verb, series fx loop, voiced direct out, voiced head phone out. Ch 1 is for fendery type clean tho it will crunch. Ch 2 is for marshall/boogie/vox type drive, has the xxl even harmonics option for class A simulation. Extremely versatile amp, GREAT TONE. Wishes- full compliment of tone controls on each channel, although the current set up is not limiting, this is just a wish. It could use a trim pot on the direct out- it puts out a ton of signal when cranked. And maybe a slightly wider footswitch. I use strats and PRS, this amp is fabulous with both. I bought it for a light weight amp in a wedding band where I also need to bring a PA. This is a reasonable volume, wide material mix (Cole Porter/Paul Simon/ Big Chill/Mowtown/swing,Beatles/plus many others). It has a fabulously warm tone, plenty of power, and dead quiet. Great fender clean sounds, great claptonesque thick lead, great scooped mids crunch, honestly the tone is super, and completely independent of the volume level (except for where the speaker distortion is a factor). I have also used this in a louder r&r format with 3 other fender tube amps playing at once, and it held its own. Really excellent, buy again in a minute. My considerations were great tone, low weight, cost was no object. I'm sure there are other tube amps that would also do the job, but most over 30 watts were over my w eight cutoff. This is perfect for someone who needs extreme tone versatility and wants superior portability at the same time. I'm 50, playing gigs for 22 years, have had (still do) a variety of boutique tube amps, I'm really sold on the Trademark. 2 Channels, effects loop , sans-amp DI out, headphoes jack, footswitch, 1x12 speaker, 60 watts, boost, reverb. Channel switching, boost, reverd and effects loop can be swithced on/off by the footswitch. A standard guitar cable can be used in the footswitch. 1st channel is intented for very cleadn fender-like sounds to distorted fender like sounds etc. its has a Bite -switch that changes the voicing from mellow to more biting. Other controls are: Drive: power amp distortion Punch: mid range breakup & overdrive Level: volume 2nd channel is intented for distorted sounds like marshall, mesa-boogie etc. Controls: Weep switch: makes sound thicker Drive: Power-amp distortion Growl: Mid-range control, Level: volume Master controls: Boost: conntected by footswitch, adds up to 9db volume, very good ! Reverb: reverb volume Link switch: connects reverd and boost switching together ( via footswitch) Low: +/- 12db bass control, active, very good High: +/- 12db high control, same as above Plenty of power & distortion & tonal flexibility. I'm using an ibanez with pafpr/hs-3/tone-zone. I play heavy, blackmetal etc, blues , etc. I can get all the sounds i like and enough volume to be heard. I've been playing for about 20 years, all kinds of pop, rock, metal etc music. I own a few effects ( wah wah , delay etc ), and electric & acoustic guitars. I've played with marshall, laney, peavey and fender amps and i think that this one works best for me. I chose it because it sounded better than marshall (clean & distortion ), and better than febder ( distrtion), and was cheaper than high end tube amps. propably the Trademark will last longer This 60-watt, two channel amp features a single 12-inch speaker and has a master e.q. which works for both channels The clean channel has a volume, mid-frequ ency boost and a gain knob which can dirty up your sound (in a good way) quite a bit. Plust there's a button called "bite" that boosts the highs and tightens the bottom. I don't really use it that much 'cause it makes the amp go all nasally and uncool. Maybe a bigger blues head would like it. The overdrive channel sports its own volume and gain knobs, mid-boost and a button cryptically labelled "weep." Not quite sure what that one does. There's also an effects loop, headphone jack and footswitch. As for "wishfers," I've only got two: I wish this bugga was a 100-watter and that it had a 15-inch speaker. If Tech 21 does one of those, I'll be first in line to buy it. I'm one of those humbucker nut types who seriously digs fat smooth tone, which this amp delivers nicely. It works really well with my hollow body guitar; I can kick the bass up without the bottom getting all flabby. Jazz head should find this guitar a gas. However, rockers ain't left out of the picture. Trademark 60 ads claim that it can kick a Marshall type gain on the overdrive channel, which it does nicely. Of course, a real Marshall freak wouldn't be fooled, but aahh, so what? If I wanted a Marshall, I'da bought one. Still, the Trademark can get quite snotty with the drive and growl knobs maxed out It'd be a little cooler if the clean channel could go a little louder with out breaking up. When I do solid body stuff, having a big, clean shimmering sound would be really shagadeicl. But I guess that's the price you pay with all these solid-state amps boasting "tube-like" tone. The amp's also pretty quiet at lower volumes with no dramatic increases at louder ones. For me, the amp lets me go from jazz to blues to "crush, kill, destroy" fairly effectively. I've been playing about 22 years and I'm really weird about amps. I want one that sounds good at low and high volumes and gives me everything from a Wes Montgomery clean to a Godzilla overdrive. This amp pretty much does it. Of course it could be louder, but hey, at this price new, I doubt very much I'd get it. I compared this amp to a Peavey Bandit 112, a Roland BC-60 112 and a Fender Roc Pro 700. Only the Roland came close. I still might go out and get one o' those. But I'd buy the Trademark again if it got stole. Speaking of which, let me go home now. I'm a small time musician that's been playing for two and a half years. This two channel amp is perfect for bedroom tones at bedroom volumes. There's a clean and a dirty channel, reverb, boost, and one master eq. It's a non-master volume amp and the Eq is a little strange for me. I moved up from a peavey blazer so this amp is a new thing to toy with. The channels are foot switchable, foot switch included. I play stuff from Ej to SRV to MMB to just about anything under the sun. This amp goes from one to the other with ease. The mid eq's are 1 per channel which gives enough versatility for me. One song I write will sound one way. I turn a knob and the next song is completely different. I can even take it our and rock out over carvin PA's at church...Definately more power than the 15 watter I was used to! I've got a tele copy with a floyd rose copy on it. hum/sing/sing. It's sound goes from twang to jazz. The humbucker's too heavy and distorted for solo in most cases, but the amp let's it down to a nice sound. The sings really do sing on the clean with bite and on the dirty channel. The amp is really quiet for what I'm used to in the way of background noise. I like my tone fat on the lows and discernable on the highs. I can work the mid on both channels to get the clean Ej on a twin sound. The sounds that they have in their manual (Marshall,Vox,brownVH,you name it) are all really there. The clean stays clean for me all the way through the volume spectrum. As for the distortion it goes from a nice Od to a heavy Od but not into a metal sound. Again I feel it move's from style to style wonderfully. This with my 505 gives me plenty of versatility but I want to expand becase the 505 isn't really that good. I don't need it's distortion any more with the nice sound of th e TM-60. I would definately buy it again. I love it's weight versatility and the look. I used to be a tube-head and that's all that I looked for. I found a more versatile mid to high-end solid state for about the same price and I'd definate- ly suggest the tech 21 to any one that likes all kinds of music. The only thing this amp lacks is separate EQs for the channels. It's a big minus for live playing, but for the average home/studio player this amp has all the features you need. Then again, you can allways try to add another EQ through the effects loop but two EQ's in series is allways a compromise compared to one good EQ. You can check the other submissions for more specific features. I gave up using my rack stuff after I bought this combo. I really love it's sound, it's quite versatile. Not all the sounds in the world, but what it does, it does well. It sounds like a tube amp but lacks some of the dynamics of the best tube amps. Anyway it's a great sounding little amp for the price. It has a noice problem though. The reverb circuit is noisy, and the boost-feature amplifies the noise from the reverb circuit. So if you want it quiet, don't use the reverb or the boost. You can allways add those with an effects processor through the effects loop. Another minus is that the channel 1 seems to affect a little the channel 2, if the channel 1 is set up to maximum distortion. It's not a big difference, but it shows as an annoying distorted sound when a note slowly dies when you play on the channel 2. You don't have to worry about it if you don't have to keep the channel 1 set for maximum distortion when you play channel 2. This is a two channel solid state amp that claims to emulate a tube amp. By the tone of their ads this sounds like the greatest amp in the world. The nice features are effects loop, direct out recording, reverb, and active tone controls. It also has a boost switch that adds something. I bought the amp without hearing it first and my primary reason for getting it was some small live gigs where I had to load in up a flight of stairs. They say this amp is 60 watts but I have heard 20 watt amps with more power and volume. I used it on one song before it was apparent to me that this amp could never hang in a live situation. Anybody who is using it must be playing with the wimpiest drummers in the world. It cannot cut through a stage mix. If you try to turn it up past 1/3 of the way the sound just mushes together and the speaker starts farting out. And I'm not trying to play metal or anything like that. I'm talkin about your basic classic rock and blues material. I had the amp miked and milked it out to the max through the PA and monitors and it just got worse. It's also very noisy. Needless to say I was dissatisfied and for a minute considered sinking this boat anchor to the bottom of the ocean. The only thing that saved the amp is the fact that I also have a recording studio. I took it there to play around with it and that is where the strong points of this amp start to shine. The clean sounds are nice and fender-y; not quite as warm as the real thing but close enough to get the idea across on tape. I compared it to my 1960 Bassman and my new Hot Rod Deluxe. OK this was cool. The dirty channel has a great sounding distortion and can really cop the Marshall/Vox thing. Again on tape it sounds huge. The key to this amp is keeping the volume down low. It preserves the tone and is a joy to work with in the studio because it's so easy to move around. The controls are very sensitive and the slightest movement makes a big difference. You have to experiment a bit but you can really dial in some great tone. There are amps out now that are solid state and come just as close to the tube amp thing and also can be used in a live situation with better results. To anyone who is considering buying this amp to play live- do yourself a favor and try it on a gig first not a music store. To anyone who is considering it for recording or at home use I would give it a high rating. Can do a good job a recreating a wide variety of amp sou nds. Two channels give you the ability to switch from a "Twin" to a Marshall stack at the press of a button. The boost switch is neat. Give you up to 9db of volume without changing the sound (much). Plenty of power, in fact its freakin' loud! I agree with the comments of needing individual EQ on both channels. I find myself lowering the highs on the clean channel and boosting them on the dirty one quite often. The overdrien sound of the clean channel is very good and I wish I could switch to it from the normal clean settings. By the way the BEST feature - it weighs just 32 lbs. I have a PRS and it feels like it and its case weigh more. I'm primarily a blues player but will play anything that comes along. It gets a great tone by seting the drive of the clean channel up a bit. I have a Mesa Blue Angel that's a lot sweeter but the TM60 is really very good at the elusive rippin' but still hear the instrument kind of thing. It is noisier than my Mesa, especially with single coils but certainly not obnoxious. Besides thr PRS Custom I use a G&L S500 and a Gibson 345. All sound really good. I am blown away by being able to get so much tone and versatility out of something so small & light. I am now a tube snob whose taken the 12 step program. I love seeing the other tube snobs scratch there heads when I tell them its not tubes. Then I say pick it up and their jaws just hang open. Lots of fun. I bought it over a Mesa Subway Rocket (no reverb), Laney VC50? (store sample was busted), Peavey Classic 30 (no balls) and a Fender Hot Rob Deluxe (too edgy). Buy one and scare your friends!! Very versatile even with only a global bass and treble pot over the 2 channels. Has channel switching with a 4 button footswitch that actually gives you 4 sounds because you can choose channel 1, or 2 and then "link" the boost and reverb or not. Cool. I wish it had separate tone knobs for each channel and a second speaker out for another cabinet. It is a solid state amp that sounds like tubes. REALLY. My JMP-1 went in for service and my sales b ud loaned me a TM60 for a gig. It was a basic blues and rock gig and we had guests. I had lots of folks approach me after the gig to find out why my guitar was balanced so well in the mix. There's something about the Tech 21 that cuts through all the usually muddy guitar frequencies. I was loud, but not too loud. Having had my fill of lousy solid state amps, I brought a compressor/limiter just in case the amp had those harsh loud spots. I found that the louder I played, I actually got a totally natural compression that only tubes get when driven. I unplugged the compressor after the first song, as it got in the way sonicly. Totally amazing. This amp is unbelievably responsive to your axe. It amplified all my wiring nuances loud and clear. I have a strat and it screamed so that each pickup setting was truly a new sound. I didn't use a single external effect all night! Just some internal reverb, my pickups and fingers. Awesome. I got sounds and feeling that you only get and feel in the studio or playing alone with no other frequency competition. As for power, I never got past 1/2 way. Very versatile, from serious but smooth overdrive to clean fender. The amp's a bid noisy. The reverb did feedback at louder volumes. This is a great blues amp and rocks too. If you want metal you could probably get it with high output pickups or an added stomp box. This amp sings, the distortion is studio quality and never hurts. I used rails in the lead and Tom Anderson's for the middle and bridge. Only jammed with it one night, but I went into a gig situation unrehearsed and made it sing instantly. This is one of those cases where I was as good as my equipment and it made me shine!! When the salesman gave me the amp as a loaner while my amp was in repair, he told me that I'd buy it. He was right. As soon as he get's the next shipment in, I'm a buyer. And BIG fan, or couldn't you tell.... It was light enough to easily carry along with my guitar and small effects bag. Like I said, it could use an aux speaker out and tone knobs for eac h channel. The look and style is simple, clean, modern, tech, but not too high-tech. It's a classic. The perfect practice, small to medium gig and studio amp. I'd actually play it any where for just about anything. Jazz too! 2 Channels, see other reviews for features. I bought primarily for recording. I choose it over effect processors (like Digitech 2112) because it is analog, and I don't really like the guitar tone I've gotten from digital units. This amp has a direct recording feature (via XLR out), and it works with the speaker unplugged. Good for me because I have to record while other family members sleep. Yes, this amp can make a lot of different sounds and they're generally good. However, I have one major complaint. It is noisy (much noisier than my tube amp). Turn either the reverb knob or the high EQ knob anywhere past their midpoints and you get noise, lots of it. hums and whistles. Luckily, for recording to hard disk, I don't really need to use the amps reverb (Cakewalk can add reverb). I probably wouldn't buy this amp again, unless they fixed the noise problem. I don't think it is a problem with my particular amp, because friends who have tried it out in the store have noticed the same problem. Unfortunately, Sam Ash was too noisy when I tested it (typical). On the other hand, I don't think there is anything available that's better for silent recording other than digital units. So maybe I would buy it again. With this amp you can get just about any sound possible. It has an effects loop which not only allows you to add effects but i like to fine tune it with some EQ. It also has the Sans Amp direct out built in which is one main reason i bought it. Only thing they left out was tone controls for each channel (there's only a master bass and treble). One can use this amp by itself at a gig because it sounds that good! Because this amp is solid state, the great sounds you hear loud are the same in a low volume setting. I have a 5150 stack but to practice with it is impossible without disturbing the neigh bors. If you're going to do some recording, the direct out is second to none. You can get the same sound you hear from the speaker on to tape which is a dream come true. Unlike a tube amp, the TM 60 is consistent. To me, this amp sounds just as any tube amp. If i had to have only one amp, this would be the one. If i forget to turn it off, no problem, because there are no tubes to burn. Anyone thinking of buying a Sans Amp direct box should spend another $250 and get a TM 60 to get an amp with it. The Tech 21 guitar amplifier comes with 2 channels, a mono effects loop, a line out for P.A. or direct recording and can also be used with headphones. The most unbelievable thing about this amp is its all SOLID STATE! You can use this amp for virtually any musical style you like. Versatility seems to be this amps forte. I play what I would call "clean" Rock/Pop oriented music and this amp is more than well suited for this purpose.(On the 1st channel.) But when you go to the 2nd channel be prepared for anything from a flat out "Marshall" sound to a "Mesa-Boogie" or even a "Vox AC-30". The distortion on this amp can be as smooth or as brutal as ANY tube amp. I use a PRS CE-3 bolt-on guitar and use primarily the "out-of-phase" position a lot. I also tried this amp with my Tokai Goldstar sound guitar and found that this amp will probably sound great with any guitar. Well I can't believe I'm saying this but they have finally come up with a solid state amp that sounds as good (or better) than any tube amp. It's rated at 60 watts but sounds a bit louder. I traded in my Legend 50 watt Rock and Roll amp for this because I found it to be way too loud. I like tone more than loudness and this amp has loads of tone. I was originally considering buying the AxSys amp but the main problem with that amp is you have to program all your amp sounds and there are lots of effects built in, but I've never really been an effects type guy. As I said, tone is important. I would recommend this amp highly to anybody, especially all those tube amp " snobs". It's the 90's guys! Wake up and check out the Tech 21 and prepare to be impressed. Incredible versatility, completely analog design but emulates tube tones with tremendous authenticity. Also able to produce tones of popular guitarists such as Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and others. Amp is 60 watts with a single 12" speaker, and has 2 channels. The first channel is for "tweed" sound, such as Fender is famous for, and the second channel gives you a higher gain amp sound along the lines of a Marshall or Mesa Boogie. Both channels have great versatility so just about any tone is accessible. This amp also has an effects loop, a direct line out for recording, and an earphone jack. Accutronics Reverb is also included. Best of all it a multi-controller footswitch is included. This amp is great for a number of styles, blues, jazz, rock, and metal. It sounds great even at low volumes.

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