Home (amp tone and effects placement)

To Do

newly created empty pages that need to be filled (headings, content)

product pages that don't have a link-block

Research pages are a tangled mess.

continue monitoring for too-many-clicks-required -- either I go there with lots of clicks, or I don't go there ever because too many clicks.

5 worst problems? Pick from wide range of suckage:

the Net as seen and organized through a guitar-gear perspective

product pages are separate from conceptual pages.

distinguish between conceptual pages and product pages such as wah, dist

dumping pages - sections need to be moved.

"unattributed" issue

home page organization and grouping

general messiness and broken links

conceptual pages names are still format g123.htm -- renaming short conceptual names would force inspection and merging.

some pages fail to be articles, should expand or merge

need to pull all conceptual pages into editor to produce a series of articles

integrate my email exchanges and recent postings

too much white space on home page?

home page is too long

empty pages (eg pulling tubes)

broken pictures

pages without titles or headings

search page lacks one of my std links? has google, avista sort of, remarq, deja -- make clearer sections for each -- need in-place google query and plain av query

To do: make a virtual store with virtual cool guitar products there. Some, like good resonance in a tiny sealed-front cab, might be impossible with this decade's technology.

Research status of old Dejanews links.

Amptone.com ultra gear-search page

Home (amp tone and effects placement)