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Top Hat: Portly Cadet. 5 watt tube amp. $650 street.

$539 at Electric City Music - Single-ended Class A 6V6, 12AX7, 5Y3 rectifier. Boost & Bright Switches. 8" Speaker -- This amp is voiced much like the vintage Supro Amps, with much more available gain than a Tweed Champ or Champ-copy. The very cool Portly Cadet is IN STOCK in several color options.

top hat info - is Portly listed here yet?

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$700 list.

5 watt modified Supro ala' Zep I with 1-8" speaker, 1-6V6, 1-5Y3, and 1-12ax7. Features one volume control and a switch for boost and bright functions.New cosmetics include leather grained tolex in black or burgundy, black plastic amp corners and a clear acrylic handle.

Awesome looking and sounding, The perfect low power raunch machine!

Top Hat TC-PC Portly Cadet, 5watt Combo w/8" speaker, list: 649.00

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