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Victoria 518 - 5 watt 1x8 tube combo (Champ clone), $649

Victoria: (630) 369-3527

Victoria home page

Official 518 product page - "The Victoria model 518 is an exact recreation of the classic late '50's 5F1 Champ. We even offer a limited selection of NOS or reconed Jensen 8" speakers! This amp uses one 12AX7, one NOS 6V6GT, and one 5Y3WGTA. If an early '50's Champ is more to your taste, we can do that too. Our favorite version is the 5C1 that uses a 6SJ7 octal preamp. We recently manufactured one of each for Vacuum Tube Valley magazine for an uncoming 6V6 shootout. Look for it in the summer/fall 1998 issue. These little amps have a big sound that belies their small, compact size. When plugged into an efficient external speaker cabinet, they are loud enough for small club dates. [Designers, that's why 5 watts is far too loud for apartment studio cranking - we need 10mW-1/2 watt tube power amps. - Michael] We like them with a 2x12 cab using Altec 417-B speakers."

User Matt wrote: http://www.victoriaamp.com/matt.html - "I love my 518! It has such beautiful tones at any volume. It has the sweet tone of a '59 Bassman, except at a lower volume. Then, as you crank it... well, I don't have to tell YOU; suffice to say I have reached tonal Nirvana. I have a Klon Centaur [new-generation top-rated overdrive pedal] that sounds great when used with the 518, but I get some speaker distortion. (The amp is set at about 5.) Should I be concerned about blowing the speaker, even if the amp isn't turned up past 5 or 6?"

good info about Victoria amps, at Main Street Music - MODEL 518-T (5F1 Champ Circuitry) 5 Watt
with 1 x 8 speaker $650
with Jensen speaker: $700

"Read the reviews on the Victoria Double Deluxe, 35310-T, and the 45410-T. I get the same kind of excitement from guitar players who try out the Victoria amps in my sotre. I've had several professional players bring in original Fender Tweed and Fender Custom Shop (Fender Vibro-King) amps into my store to play their amps side by side with a Victoria using their favorite guitar. I've personally sold Victoria amps to these players. I'm a Victoria dealer because they are the finest tweed amplifiers I've heard. All parts, components, and workmanship are as good as it gets. My amp technician, the only guy I trust to work on my personal equipment, was amazed at the quality and sound of the Victoria amps. "If you would like any more information or have any questions, please give me a call at (801) 492-0505." Mike Glazier, Main Street Music

Steve Dollinger
musicsol at xnet.com

>I just got a Victoria "Tweed Champ" model #518. This is about the coolest little amp that I have ever played. Victoria has the sound of an old tweed champ NAILED!! They are only making a limited run of these amps. If you are interested in one of these amps, phone or email me.


Extremely positive Guitar Player review, Sep 1998, of Victoria 50212-T (clone of Fender Twin 5E8-A, from 1955-1957)

Victoria Dealer

Mike Glazier - owner of Main Street Music.

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Victoria 35310-T review at Guitar World.com

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