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The Bedroom Amp -- The Amptone.com Valvetone Engine -- The ultimate amp with minimal, appropriate deviation from traditional design. Has footswitch control over preamp distortion, power tube saturation, and also output wattage. Has enough wattage for a large club, and supports power-tube saturation at private practicing level. Uses separates (microphonics are no fun, cab swapping is good), with traditionally styled head and cab. Cab is a 2x12 closed-back, switchable from 1 to 2 speakers (25 watts each). 2x12 sounds big, yet remains portable, unlike 4x12. For usability, it is a combination of Flextone, London Power, and Marshall. It is all-tube and has channel indicator lamps - no LEDs, MIDI, digital technology, or alphanumeric displays. It supports a few presets for the depth of preamp distortion, depth of power-tube saturation, and final volume (which is also depth of speaker distortion). $500 kit, $650 assembled.

The PowerStomp -- compact stompbox with an EL84 tube driving a reactive load via an output transformer. Volume, Gain, and Tone controls. Has a buffer/driver stage to enable strong saturation of the power tube, but has no cascading gain stages, to ensure that it produces pure power-tube saturation. Input level indicator helps prevent inadvertent preamp distortion. True bypass footswitch. Input jack and Output jack are both line-level. Recommended chain: comp, OD, dist, PowerStomp, amp, guitar speaker. For more voicing control, bracket with EQ pedals. $130.

The Frequalizer -- stompbox with pre-distortion tone stack, 2 preamp gain stages, and post-distortion tone stack. $90.

The Power Frequalizer -- stompbox with pre-distortion tone stack, power-tube saturation stage driving a reactive load, and post-distortion tone stack. $120.

The Trip-Tone -- battery-powered 1/2-watt variable-wattage all-tube compact combo amp. Separate control of preamp distortion, power-tube saturation, and ouput wattage. $220.

The Tone Engine -- double-layer large cabinet isolation box kit for home studios. 6.2'long, 3.1' tall, 3.5' wide. Quick-access doors for cab and mic. $700 includes all parts including particleboard and arrangement of delivery.

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