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Zoom - 506 MKII

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sophisticated new design

easy analog operation

9 new dedicated bass effects

506 was the world's most popular compact multi-effect bass effects pedal

built to last. Extremely durable space-age plastic and a flat control surface

new bass distortion effects: Rich, Tube [effect name?], Band Pass Enhancer and High Pass Enhancer

new bass modulation effects including Cry, Step, Defret, Pitch and Echo

bass amp modeling effects

33 bass effects in 7 modules. Up to 9 effects can be used at the same time.

large rotary selector

easy-to-read red LED display and foot switches

user friendly

36 patch locations.

ZNR (Zoom Noise Reduction)

28 hours of continuous operation with four size AA alkaline batteries, or AC operation

Rear panel input for an available expression pedal

auto chromatic tuner

Download the 506 II Bass Manual in PDF format

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