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GFX-8ED software for Win/Mac - enables custom distortion voicing. "The GFX-8ED is a librarian/editor software that enables editing and management of patches for the GFX-8 Guitar Effect Processor. In addition to providing great freedom in the management and realignment of patches, it features intuitive patch editing using a analog-knob style interface. Moreover, it includes custom distortion designing tool that allows to create your own distortion sound and save it on GFX-8."

From the product catalog: "tap the unlimited potential of the system [parameters for distortion voicing] as if you were developing the product itself. The user is now in control of the evolution of distortion."

Zoom VAMS modelling samples CD - free mail order. I received this very quickly, like 5 days, with a neat little catalog of Zoom products.

Zoom GFX8 official product page - has software: GFX-8ED

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