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Indoor Storm: Amethyst Special

What is the name of the manufacturer?

  1. K&M Analog Designs
  2. Two Rock
  3. Indoor Storm
There seems to be two versions of the "Amethyst Special". Or is one the Amethyst, and the other the Special? If you buy an A.S., check whether it has two independent power amps and speakers.

guitar hacker: review of Two Rock: Amethyst Special Indoor Storm: Amethyst Special

The Indoor Storm model Amethyst Special combo (available only through the Music Loft) -- features a 5-watt class A 6V6 power amp in the series effects loop. It can be switched in or out. You can run the 6V6 signal into its own 8" speaker, a dummy load, or recording out. The signal from the 6V6 circuit can also be fed into the 50 watt power section(2X 6L6) You can also run them together-5 watts to the 8incher and 50 watts to the 12.

Joe Mloganoski
K&M Analog Designs

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