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DG1000 Digital Guitar Preamp

Yamaha DG-1000 preamp. Digital preamp with electric circuit modelling. 8 amp types. Speaker simulator. 128 storage locations. MIDI.

The Yamaha DG100 2x12 combo modelling amp uses the same circuitry as the DG-1000 processor. The "amp modelling" claim seems uncertain. "Amp Select (Lead1, Lead2, Drive1, Drive2, Crunch1, Crunch2, Clean1, Clean2)". Display Controllers: Amp Select display LED x 8, Mode display LED x 3, 7-segment LED x 2-place.

Thus the "amps" that are modelled are called:

Which classic amps are these intended to be, exactly? Does the manual spell it out? This is a little far from the "dial-an-amp" user interface of Line 6, but is more explicit if you don't know what a Soldano or Boogie or Dual Rectifier sounds like or is used for.

Official DG-1000 page - excerpts:

DG1000 Digital Guitar Pre-Amplifier - Capturing the Essence of Great Tone

To truly connect with your audience, your voice needs to be as expressive as possible. It would be difficult for an artist to paint a portrait with only one color. A new approach to the pre-amp concept. Yamaha has preserved the behavoral subtleties of classic tube amp circuits, utilizing EMC (Electric Circuit Modeling). There are no pages of variables to scroll through, or a thick manual to digest. Instinctively familiar, with knobs where they should be. The powerful, simple solution that captures the essence of great tone.

Trim Control, Output Level Control, Gain Volume.

The Value Select buttons are used to select memory numbers, edit parameters, and MIDI functions.

Master Volume, Tone Controls for Treble, High Mid, Low Mid, Bass, Presence. Motor driven dials for Gain Volume, Master Volume and the five Tone Controls, return the dials to their preset positions when a memory number is recalled.

Amp Select Buttons - You can select any one of the 8 preset amp types, then tailor the sound to your specific needs.

Store Button - A total of 128 memory allocations can be used to store all of your sound settings. MIDI bulk dump functions provide for additional storage to an external MIDI storage device.

MIDI Button - The DG-1000 is MIDI compatible. You can use an external foot controller to control the DG-1000. Also, store additional settings to an external MIDI storage device.

Recall Button - All of your preset settings, stored in internal memory, can be recalled quickly and easily.


Greg Howe interview -

Q) Please make an accurate description of your guitar/amp/effect setup. A scheme could be greatly appreciated. Are you using the new Yamaha digital preamp?

A) I currently have 2 separate amp setups. The first setup is the Yamaha DG1000 powered by the VHT 2150 head. I don't really use any effects with that because I haven't played live in awhile so I haven't had any reason to. I just use the effects through the board and the mic hears a dry guitar signal. The Yamaha is probably the best sounding preamp that I've heard out there so far. It really acts and reacts like a real amp, and the VHT is just an incredibly warm sounding power amp. The Yamaha is mono, so I've only been using one side of the VHT. I don't really want to split the output from the Yamaha because I always like to have amps power 2 separate 4x12 cabinets. That extra load really makes a big difference in the way the amp acts and I really notice the difference in the tonal characteristics.

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